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The French Riviera

Two very special rescue puppies, a very beautiful home and the utmost in caring and very loving owners....

One of my most favourite parts of the world in Southern France made even more special with the company of Teddy and Monty!

Both rescue pups, Teddy and Monty are two charismatic little boys are a true delight to be with.

One is a Parson Russell cross and the other is a Tibetan Terrier cross (I think). They get on really together and like a rough and tumble at home or playing with their various toys. They both love affection and cuddles.

Their owner is away and I have the absolute pleasure of continuing the fabulous training that has been lovingly introduced by their owners and very cleverly adopted and displayed with an abundance of happiness by the dogs. There are games, treats and both visual and oral commands that are all about phsycology and designed to be mutually beneficial for the boys and owners alike.

The results are obedience.. (well.. mostly :)), but more importantly harmony and a very stress free existence for the boys who in a previous life had been induced with a number of nervous disorders as a result of being mistreated. They were both highly sensitive and reacted and were frightened by unusual noises.

Thankfully all the torment for these pups is in the past and today they both get to luxuriate in a beautiful home on the French Riviera and reside with very caring owners who understandably just love them to bits!

One of the privileges of being a trusted house sitter is the opportunity to meet and spend time with just wonderful doggies like Teddy and Monty.






Watch the video:

What the owners have said:


Talk about setting the bar! From excellent communication before the stay, to warm and cheerful demeanour and competent, relaxed attitude to the large property and the two little dogs,
I could not have asked for better. We had fun walking the dogs together before I left and he kept me posted throughout.
I'd have him visit again any time.
Thank you for everything Anthony!! Just wow!

Mougins, France

Mougins, France

Barbara K

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