Want to Travel the World
and Discover How to be a Successful House and PetSitter?

Anthony Cottrell is excited to share his captivating stories and assist others to enjoy a life many have only dreamed of and share his steps to a wonderful journey of being a house and petsitter.

For many years, Anthony has been house and pet sitting full-time.  Since  he started what he describes as a “Surreal Journey” he has been house sitting with back-to-back assignments and has only needed to find three nights accomodation.

With nearly 50 house sits to his credit and a list of glowing reviews from many loving pet owners around the world, Anthony’s motto is rightly …..

… ” Life is about Experiences and how many you can squeeze in with the time you have”.




How do you also get to enjoy this envious Life Style

If you might be looking for a life changing adventure and experiences, you must be sure to get your hands on a copy of Anthony’s “soon to be released” book.

Anthony reveals his insider secrets and demonstrates the steps anyone can take, even on a very low budget, to create an amazing lifestyle, travel the world and discover people and places you never thought possible.

You will enjoy and learn from his ideas, experiences and passion to becoming successful. This is a “must read” for anyone contemplating a change of lifestyle and a success path you can take to also becoming a much sought after Housesitter and create a surreal Lifestyle that will have others simply envious.


Here’s some of the highlights you will discover and enjoy:

How to start your life changing adventure.

Things you need to consider.

How to get the very best assignments.

Planning where you would love to visit.

Things you need to avoid

How to create a captivating application to ensure success

How to get rave reviews from your hosts.

The mindset of living the ultimate lifestyle.


Yes, this much anticipated book will be sure to change the way many people think and will potentially open the doors for you to also experience many wonderful life changing adventures.

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