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Anthony’s total dedication
and commitment to the safety and welfare of your pets is second to none

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Here’s what loving pet owners and home owners have to say about their experience with Anthony’s house and pet sitting services



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Pet Owners Message

Joe and James – DUBAI

Anthony's reviews were great, so my expectations were high when he came to take care of Leo and my home.

He delivered beyond what I could have hoped!

Anthony took great care of Leo, sending pictures and videos of romping on the beach, people watching in the village, and all of the favorite activities I do when I am home.

Leo was clearly in heaven and I knew when I got home, he had a fantastic time with Anthony.

My house was well cared for too! While I definitely did not expect it, there was fresh fruit and all the things I would need when I got home.

My car was cleared of sand (better than I left it for sure!) and everything was in place.

Upon meeting Anthony, I knew I could trust him. I can't recommend him more. I hope he will return in the future.

Ericeira - Portugal

Ericeira - Portugal


So Anthony has a nickname of Guardian Angel in our house, as he had quite an introduction to meeting me!...

15 minutes before he was due to arrive for a walk through of the house and the animals I fell down my back steps and broke my back!
Anthony insisted to drive me to the hospital to get it checked out, which I finally agreed to and this lovely soul not only drove me all over town to different doctors offices but he also then drove me an hour into the city to the main hospital (once we had established my back truly was broken) and he patiently waited outside the hospital for 5 hours! We didnt get home until 11PM that night after 15 hours of driving me around and waiting for tests etc etc.... so to say I was grateful for his presence before he even did the sit is an understatement...

Besides that very crazy story Anthony truly is the Gold Star for Pet sitters and House sitting.

He listens very closely to all of your needs and requests and follows them all, he sent us gorgeous photos of our property and our furr baby while away.

He checked in every week with us to let us know how everything was going and ask how my back was healing!

We came back to a beautiful clean house and very happy kitty and an EXQUISITE home cooked meal!!

He takes house sitting very seriously and it means a lot to him that the pets and their owners are happy and well taken care of. Count yourself very lucky to have him apply to do your sit as he truly is the creme de la creme of THS!!

Thank you again Anthony and look forward to seeing you again!!

Póvoa de São Cosme, Portugal

Póvoa de São Cosme, Portugal


I didn't know if it was possible for Anthony to live up to the glowing reputation that I had read about in previous reviews.

But, he more than exceeded my expectations! <br.
He made time to visit me and Asta a couple of weeks before I went away, just to make sure everyone was at ease with the house sitting assignment.

He showed up exactly on time for the sit, and despite my anxiety around leaving my dog for the first time, I knew that she was definitely in good hands.

Anthony ticks every box you could imagine for leaving your precious pet and home in someone else's care: friendly, outgoing, caring, communicative, responsible, clean and confident.

It was great to receive photos almost every day of Asta, and I could tell she was feeling great and visiting her regular dog park each day.

Anthony was house sitting for me here in Central Portugal during the intense heatwaves in mid July, and not once was there a complaint, just a sense of humour and understanding that this is how it is right now.

And when I got home after travelling for almost 24 hours, the house was completely spotless, and a generous bowl of fruit was waiting for me in the kitchen.

I don't know how anyone will live up to Anthony's care the next time I have to leave town! Thank you, Anthony, for all that you do!!

Abrantes - Portugal

Abrantes - Portugal


Anthony has great communication both before and during the house sit.

A very friendly, and interesting man ..being very well travelled, Anthony arrived on time the date agreed.

Whilst we were away he sent regular pictures and up dates of of pooches.

Anthony looked after the dogs well and administered Darcy's insulin at the appropriate times.

Anthony was very considerate and offered to cook us an evening meal on our return to our home.

We would recommend Anthony to look after both your home and pets

I'm sure you will be happy & worry free.

Good luck, thank you Anthony

Obidos - Portugal

Obidos - Portugal


We are very lucky to have found Anthony!

Communication were excellent prior to house sitting even popping over to meet us and of course the dogs.

Also during the sit had pictures and videos sent daily giving us peace of mind

on our return house was clean and tidy.... better than when we left!

We will definitely use Anthony again! Therefore I can highly recommend him to others.

Definitely Five Stars.

Cortegaça, Portugal

Cortegaça, Portugal


Anthony was a great house sitter!

Sending pictures of our cats regularly and keeping us informed about our vegetable garden.

A few weeks after our agreed dates we had to go to Amsterdam unexpectedly and luckily Anthony was able to come again.

During this time he even did groceries for our neighbor who had covid-19!

In short, Anthony is a very good and experienced housesitter!

Carregal do Sal, Portugal

Carregal do Sal, Portugal

Nico and Elsje

Anthony is quite simply the best pet sitter you could ever have.

He is devoted to making sure every pet he watches is happy, well-cared for, and entertained, and he kept in regular communication with darling photos that made us feel so reassured that all of our pets were having a great time in our absence.
He is very responsible, generous & kind-hearted, and we are proud to be able to call him our friend and will continue to stay in touch with him for many years to come.

Obidos - Portugal

Obidos - Portugal


From first contact, Anthony was the ultimate House sitting professional.

He allayed any concerns I had about using a house sitter (this was my first time using Trusted House Sitters) straightaway with his friendly, open and easy going manner and we had several emails and conversation in the lead up to the sit.

During the 2 week sit, we were delighted to receive regular updates, photos and messages of our two cats and what they were up to.

I could tell by the photos that they were very happy to have such great company whilst we were travelling and Anthony quickly and sensitively worked out their personalities to a tee. <br.
Was even relieved that Anthony tolerated Jasper's early morning wake up calls for breakfast!! I felt so relaxed during our trip, uber confident that our home and our much loved fur-babies were being wonderfully cared for.

On our return, well - wow!

The flat was absolutely spotless and we were greeted by two very chilled out pussy cats.

What's more, a thoughtful gift of flowers, fruit and delicious chocolates along with a little note had been left to welcome us home. Really touched by the thoughtfulness.

Thank you for everything Anthony. Please do come back and sit for us again.

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Jo and James

Anthony came to our house in Port Macquarie for two weeks to look after our Cocker spaniel, Keefie, Silo our cat and to keep an eye on the house.

We were absolutely thrilled with everything that Anthony did and with the outstanding care given to our pets. With the contact that we had with Anthony prior to his arrival and then after meeting him, we felt very confident leaving him in charge.

It was immediately obvious that he was very capable and he formed an immediate bond with the pets.

We enjoyed spending a couple of days with Anthony before we left and he was great company,

The house was spotless on our return and we couldn't recommend Anthony highly enough.

Gordon and Jenny

Gordon and Jenny

Port Macquaries - Australia

We were so lucky to have Anthony look after our fur baby. He left the flat cleaner than we left it, washed all his bedding and towels and even left us welcome home flowers and gift!

So thoughtful.

And he of course, showered our dog, Sugar in love and attention, all the while keeping us updated via WhatsApp.

Plus, we were lucky enough to spend one evening with him and he’s very good company too!

West Coast - Singapore

West Coast - Singapore

Chanelle and Dan

If there is an 'elite' level of house sitters, Anthony has to be at the top!

From the moment he got in touch, even to the present day after the sit, he has been charming, thoughtful, very caring, witty... just all-round wonderful!

We had a bit of a nightmare just before we left, in that our dog needed to have a suspicious lump removed from his foot urgently. This meant of course that Anthony would have to be a doggy nurse, and would not be able to get out and about on walks with Bentley for the first week of his sit.

I was worried that it might be disappointing for him not being able to get out and about as much as he may have planned, and of course was also worried about my dog and what the lump might be.

What can I say, Anthony totally reassured me that not only would he be comfortable playing nurse, but that Bentley's health, happiness and welfare was his highest priority, and he would be very happy to do whatever was required. Such a relief! We left as planned for our holiday knowing that Bentley would be in excellent hands.

Thankfully whilst we were away we had a call from the vet to say that the lump was benign, which allowed us to relax even more on holiday!

Whilst we were away, Anthony kept in regular contact and sent us lots of fantastic photos of Bentley. It was very clear from the photos that not only was Bentley recovering extremely well, but that he also seemed to be having the time of his life! As the paw got better, they were able to get out and about more, and I'm quite sure Bentley had an amazing time.

On our return, the house was immaculate. We had some beautiful flowers and a charming card, and I must say we were rather sad to take him to the airport for his next house sitting adventure.

If you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to have Anthony house and pet sit for you - jump at it with both hands!

We would certainly count him as a friend, and very much hope to be lucky enough to cross paths with him again sometime soon.

Thank you Anthony! 5*'s are not enough, but that's all we can leave! xxx

Vanessa and Luke

Vanessa and Luke

Brixham - England

Having accepted Anthony's offer of house sitting, I had several phone conversations prior to his arrival, and honestly felt comfortable at that point.

Anthony arrived precisely when he was expected, and despite his dynamic personality, melded into our household very naturally.

He was very attentive with regard to our wishes whilst we were away, and very natural with our small dog, Rastus.

During our absence, Anthony regularly sent fabulous photos and very positive messages about life "at home".

We both felt so relaxed and happy and were able to focus on the amazing places we were experiencing. Upon our return, the house and garden were perfectly in order and Rastus was as happy as...and in great condition. Anthony had the fridge stocked with dinner organized.

We live in a small village and Anthony has been embraced by all the residents. We feel he belongs here but understand he must continue his journey.It has been our privilege to have had this wonderful experience.

We thank Anthony for his friendship and professionalism and hope he finds his way back to the Clare Valley to visit us and his many other new found friends.

Many thanks

Ross & Gail

Gail and Ross

Gail and Ross

Mintaro - South Australia

Anthony is not a 5 star house sitter .. he is a 10 star house sitter.

Anthony is the fifth house sitter that has taken care of my dog and my home in the last 18 months.

Each and every experience has been positive and rewarding and each and every house sitter has been five out of five, but based on this, Anthony is an easy 10.

From the moment we were first in touch, his clarity and articulate communication made him stand out and this excellence continued in every area. Utterly charming,

Anthony is incredibly kind and thoughtful and it became instantly clear that his number one priority and commitment was to make sure that my dog Flash was happy, comfortable, entertained, exercised, relaxed and settled.

Anthony was in touch throughout my absence, sending incredible photos and keeping me updated on Flash. I have never felt more confident that my dog was in safe hands - and probably having an even nicer time than when at home with me!

This was pretty much confirmed when, on returning, we went for a lovely walk together. Anthony went ahead to take some photographs and Flash, left behind with me for five minutes, became quite agitated and whinged until he reappeared! They had only known each other for the weekend!

Not only was Flash a very happy dog on my return, the house was immaculate. Sheets were changed, his bed was re-made and the laundry was done. Even the broken handle on my kitchen drawer had been fixed.

Anthony had bought food incase I was hungry and left flowers and a card on the kitchen table.

I can't really rate Anthony any higher or recommend him any more!

If you are lucky enough to have him apply to take care of your home and your pets, jump at the chance.... He's the best.

He takes on the responsibility and duty of care with an enthusiasm and grace. He listens to every detail of every instruction - and Flash and I can be quite high maintenance 😉

Thank you Anthony - we loved meeting you and having you to stay and really hope you will come and stay as a guest and friend in Scotland soon x x x



Bruton - South Somerset - United Kingdom

Anthony came to the south of Spain to look after our two dogs and apartment for four whole weeks.

He did a great job, the dogs were very happy to go to the beach early every morning for a good walk and swim, not with me but with Anthony,

He kept the same routine, which is really good for the dogs.

We met Anthony a few days before we left and had a very nice time with him.

He is the perfect housesitter, very sociable, fun to be with and knows what the dogs need and like.

I can highly recommend Anthony! Hope to see him next year again.

Melanie and Ron

Melanie and Ron

Manilva - Costa del Sol - SPAIN

Anthony stayed in our house for two weeks, looking after our very bouncy and very energetic two dogs.

This was the first time we had used a housesitter and we were a little nervous.

We needn't have worried - within an hour of having met Anthony, we felt so comfortable around him and could see that the dogs loved him and would be well cared for in our absence.

During our holiday we received regular photo updates (truly wonderful photos!) and were totally confident that the dogs and our house were being well looked after.

Anthony, on our suggestion, was in touch with various family, friends and acquaintances or ours, none of whom could believe we had "got so lucky"!

On our return the house was immaculate, with flowers, a fruit bowl and food basics awaiting us.

The dogs had clearly had a wonderful time!

We spent two very entertaining evenings with Anthony before and after our trip and I can honestly say that I felt sad when he left. I'm sure the dogs are missing him terribly!

We will welcome him anytime in the future, whether as a housesitter or simply a guest in our home.

Thank you so much Anthony - what a pleasure to meet you and have you in our home.

Joe and Sophie

Joe and Sophie

Churchill - North Somerset - UK

We welcomed Anthony into our home to take care of it and our two dogs for a week in June.

Anthony took our dogs on many adventures and captured the moments on film in a way we never could.

Anthony kept us informed throughout the week via these lovely pictures.

We returned home to find our home in order and two healthy, happy exercised doggies.

I would recommend Anthony to anyone searching for a sitter.

Thanks Anthony



Elanora - Gold Coast

When I was looking for a house sitter I read one of Anthony's reviews and it said that if you had an opportunity to have Anthony house sit for you - do not hesitate!

I cannot reiterate that more strongly - he was fantastic!

Although I have had house sitters in the past , this was my first experience of trusted house sitters and it was very successful.

The dogs were so happy with him and he took them for long walks.

One of them had broken her paw and her leg was in plaster and he took her to the vet and gave me updates on her progress.

He brushed them and gave them a bath and when I arrived back they sat at his feet and clearly adored him.

He also looked after my two horses and made sure they had everything they needed.

During his stay the ceiling in one of the rooms was leaking and he contacted the plumber and made sure that the leaks were mended before we came back.

There was trouble with the internet and he made sure this was fixed. He kept us informed at all times but I always felt he was in the control of the situation and there was no need for me to worry.

When we returned , we came back to an immaculate house. He had mowed the lawn, washed the car he had used, in and out, watered the plants and house was filled with flowers.He also made a wonderful video of the garden.

We were lucky enough to have him stay on for a couple of days which gave us an opportunity to get to know him better.

I cannot recommend Anthony highly enough and I would love to have him back in the future.

Harry and Suzanne

Harry and Suzanne

Shropshire - United Kingdom

Our first ever Trusted House Sitter, and what a lovely experience.

From the first time Anthony contacted us to offer a sit, I felt comfortable with him.

As soon as I read his reviews I knew he was like gold dust, so confirmed immediately.

His communication with us was first class from start to finish, and he is a very kind and unassuming man.

We returned to find our animals happy in his company and the house was cleaner than we left it.

I would highly recommend Anthony as a sitter, with the bonus of him being a professional photographer who takes wonderful photos of your animals. We plan to frame some of the photos he took of our dog Charlie playing football!

He is a very conscientious and is a professional sitter.

Many thanks to you Anthony, and I hope we meet up with you again one day, either in Australia or UK.

Received | May 20, 2017

Kathryn and Phil

Kathryn and Phil

Ware - Hertfordshire - UK

This house sit was Anthony's second with us, and to say we were delighted when he responded to our request is an understatement.

Anthony is the ideal sitter; friendly, organised, reliable, a dog lover, and very enthusiastic about the win-win situation for home and pet owners and sitters alike.

Our dog loves him and he gives her fantastic care and attention and treats our home and car with respect, what more do you want?

He also cut the grass, washed the car, prepared lunch for our return and had flowers on the table.

He is a star. If he responds to your request for a sitter, accept him without delay!

Jill and Guy

Jill and Guy

Mallnitz Austria

Anthony was completely fabulous. Totally unfazed by the menagerie or our idiosyncratic 400 year old house.

All my animals adored him from the minute he walked through the door, including a normally very shy cat.

He took his role really seriously, was totally diligent, left the house immaculate with food in the fridge and flowers to come home too, and kept in touch while we were away.

What more could you ask for?

Would have him back like a shot,

thanks Anthony.



Blandford Forum

What can we say, what a fantastic house sitter.

The dogs Oscar & Billy took to him straight away and didn't look back when we walked away to go on our holidays.

The house was immaculate when we got back home, with Anthony leaving us beautiful flowers and chocolates to welcome us back home.

Anthony was a very warm and honest person who you took to straight away.

Anthony made sure we would arrive home to a nice warm,clean home,he even laundered his bed for us.

What a gentleman and hope that we have made a dear friend of this fantastic guy.

Would definitely have him house sit again.

Graham and Denise

Graham and Denise

Rawtenstall - United Kingdom

Anthony was exceptional.

Our fury kids were well cared for, walked and feed and play times.

The house was cleaner when we returned than it was when we left.

Anthony took many photos of our kids and regularly updated us while we were away.

We have a wedding business and he even showed people through the venue.

We thank Anthony very much and would highly recommend him for any future house sits.

Bern and Tony

Bern and Tony

Bern and Tony

Cobaki - New South Wales - Australia

Well Anthony is a real gentleman.

We arrived home today to an immaculate home, extremely happy pets and flowers and wine as an unexpected thank you.

He even mowed the lawn! And that was only after a week's stay.

Anthony was in contact right up to the time he arrived so we were never in doubt we could go away knowing our home and precious pets were in good capable hands.

He checked in a few times just to reassure us all was well.

He is personable, smart and very easy to chat to. He can find his way around and is quite independent and capable.

We can totally recommend his services and will have no hesitation to call on him again if and when our timetables coincide.

Janet and Rob

Janet and Rob

Janet and Rob

Bli Bli - Sunshine Coast - Australia

Anthony stayed at our home to look after Henry (11) and Jasper (2)

Both miniature schnauzers.

He was very understanding of the different needs of our dogs as Henry is now blind and Jasper still very bouncy.

We came home to an immaculate flat and two very happy dogs who clearly loved his company.

We would recommend Anthony to anyone without hesitation. He is a delightful person to have around.

Trisha - Worthing UK

Trisha - Worthing UK

Anthony has taken care of my girls/dogs recently,

He did a fine job in caring and exercising Velvet & Ruby.

My home was spotless.

So I would not hesitate in recommending Anthony to anyone wishing to require a house/dog sitter and peace of mind.




Little Witey - UK

Anthony Cottrell, the ideal housesitter.

Charming, friendly, organised, reliable, and most importantly understanding of the dog owners' need to be kept informed and reassured that all was well each and every day of our absence.

Anthony walked our precious dog in all weathers (literally, - sun, wind, rain and snow in the space of 16 days) whilst taking the opportunity to explore our beautiful village and the mountains and lakes in our area.

He also gave her the fun and cuddles that she thrives on.

Our holiday was so much more relaxing because we were anxiety free, and that was as a result of the level of daily contact we received to let us know our dog was safe and well.

On our return, the house was in great shape and Anthony had cooked a wonderful dinner.

(I ought to add that Anthony used our car too, and all was well there too!)

A vase of flowers and a box of chocolates thanking US for the experience was the icing on the cake, but really the gratitude is all ours.

If Anthony offers to house/pet sit for you, snap him up!! We hope he's coming back ...........

Jill and Guy

Jill and Guy

Mallnitz - Australia

Anthony looked after our pug/beagle cross, Stan, and our home for 5 weeks in May and June 2016.

We selected Anthony on the strength of his previous reviews and he certainly lived up to the recommendations.

Stan was in lovely condition on our return and appeared perfectly content, he also seemed more responsive to our commands, so Anthony must have used some of his "dog whisperer" skills on him.

It was a great pleasure to receive regular photographs of Stan, unprompted, from Anthony, who also definitely appeared to enjoy his time with Stan.

We left our house in spotless condition and returned to find it the same, with the addition of a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates from Anthony as a "Thanks" for his stay.
BR> Happy dog, tidy house, plants watered, including the 7 orchids, couldn't have asked for more and we are happy to highly recommend Anthony as a considerate and expert, pet/house sitter.

Sean Cooney

Sean Cooney


Anthony looked after our home and three dogs and cat for two weeks this July and we could not have asked for a better experience.

He is a caring, generous and immaculately tidy person who brought an enormous amount of knowledge, expertise and experience to share with us, our home and our pets.

Minor problems which arose during his stay were dealt with efficiently and uncomplainingly, including the unforeseen absence of wifi for the whole stay.

He cooked us two fabulous meals when we arrived home and the house was pristine, with a bowl of fresh fruit to welcome us and all his towels and bedding were washed and put back on the bed before he left!!!!

His daily updates included photos of the dogs and cat and they all were very happy with his affectionate and thoughtful approach to caring for them.

If you get a chance to book Anthony do it!!!! You won't regret it!



Poullaouen - Brittany - France

Anthony was a great first sitter for us.

He gave us confidence over the telephone, and by regular contact before and during the sit.

Our pets were well looked after according to our instructions and he welcomed us home with a tidy house and a lovely meal and stocked fridge.

We would be happy to have Anthony sit for us again.



Norwich - UK

Anthony is the ideal house sitter I cannot recommend him highly enough.

We only spoke on the phone before he looked after my home and dog, and somehow you get a good feel about people and I was spot on and glad we chose him to be our houses sitter.

He sent photos of our pooch while we were away, he left the house cleaner than how we left it, and is just genuinely a lovely man.

If you are lucky enough to get an email from him offering to house sit GRAB IT!



Alexandria - Sydney

Anthony looked after our dog (princess Kuri) and the house for a week and all I can say is that we wish he could have stayed longer!
He took care of Kuri with huge love which we instantly identified in Kuri's pictures he sent us everyday, along with messages updating how she's doing.
The house was in an immaculate condition, fridge was refilled (which was totally unnecessary), plus we were even surprised by flowers and basket of fruits upon return.
We never felt more comfortable traveling without Kuri and cannot appreciate more. In the course of meeting/communicating and got to know Anthony he is now a good friend of ours and we would LOVE to have him back whenever he's back in London... as a guest if not as a sitter.
If you receive his offer there's no need to think! He's a jewel!!



Hampstead Heath - London UK

Anthony is "one out of the box"

From our initial request for a house and pet sitter, to the conclusion of the engagement, Anthony has conducted himself with the utmost professionalism and consideration.

His ability to instantly put us at ease in entrusting him with our home , our belongings and our pets enabled my wife and I to enjoy a month overseas without concerns about what was happening at home.

Periodic updates via text and mobile phone photos added to our freedom from concerns.

We arrived home to our large garden well cared for and looking a picture of colour, our house spotless, our dog "Badger" full of life and our elderly hen "Tilley" still clucking.

In addition, Anthony engaged with some of our neighbours, friends and family, all of whom speak in glowing terms about his friendliness and his dedication to the task of "house sitting" In conclusion, we have not only experienced an expert in this field, but we believe in Anthony we have found a friend.

Our recommendation for Anthony is A1, Five Star, Michelin, Golden Globe, Oscar etc, etc.

Neil and Desire

Neil and Desire

Hunter Valley - New South Wales - Australia

Anthony was absolutely fabulous.

The cats seemed delighted and the house was beautiful when we returned.
All communication was very easy and we felt very assured that things were safe in our absence.

We had a number of things going against us - the first snow in Montpellier in decades, for a start, leading to very uncertain transport times - and he dealt with these with initiative and intelligence, and everything went off perfectly.

And Anthony also showed us how to turn off the incredibly annoying sound on our washing machine, for which I will forever be grateful!

A million thanks, Anthony!

Roo and Nico

Roo and Nico

Montpellier - France

Anthony has been an exceptionally good housesitter!

We have been very lucky in that Anthony not only cared and loved our 3 pet dogs but was very attentive in keeping us informed daily on their well being whilst we were away.

Our house was immaculate when we returned and as we found Anthony to be a very nice sociable guy.

We had no problem in inviting him to stay with us for a couple of more days before moving onto his next assignment.

I would highly recommend Anthony for any future Trusthousitting assignments and welcome him back if the need arose.



Sitges - Barcelona - Spain

I was in a bit of a hurry to find someone for my little Bethany

Bethany is blind and physically challenged. I wasn't expecting to find someone as quickly as I needed.

Anthony answered my request and I couldn't be happier.

Bethany bonded with Anthony immediately and I knew that I could go away with no worries.

He sent photos and reports of her daily and he is very good at taking great pics.

When I came home the house Bethany was happy, the house was clean and there was a lovely card from Anthony thanking me for the opportunity of taking care of my little girl.

I recommend him highly for pet/house sitting.

Thank you, Anthony.



Gold Coast - Australia

Anthony was my first Trusted house sitter.

I was pleasantly surprised how his courteous and friendly manner made me feel at ease by talking with him and how my dog Olli took to him.

Anthony sent daily photos or video of Olli showing what they were up to and where they were walking. <br.
I could clearly see Olli enjoying himself!

All this made my mind at ease while being away. On the top of all this Anthony offered to drive to and pick me up from the airport!

On the arrival home the house was clean and tidy. A big surprise was a lovely bowl of fresh fruit and food in the fridge. I never thought anyone would even think of this, I certainly didn't!

Thank you Anthony!

I hope in the future Anthony will be happy to house sit for me and Olli again!



Belair - Adelaide Foothills - South Australia

Anthony was a complete life saver

Despite arriving after we had left due to time differences, Anthony kept in regular contact and gave me updates about my lovely, albeit somewhat chaotic puppy!

I couldn’t rate Anthony highly enough and would absolutely recommend him to anyone.

Thanks Anthony -

the puppy is so much bigger if you ever fancy the challenge again



Biggleswade - United Kingdom

I felt completely relaxed with Anthony from our initial conversation and was very happy for him to come and look after our gang and our house and garden.

Nothing was too much trouble for Anthony!

I think the house was cleaner and tidier on our return than when we left it! Despite the drought the garden was flourishing when we got back.

We got daily beautiful photos of the dogs on their walks, short messages to let me know the cats were fine

Anthony is a real 5 STAR pet and house sitter!

Max and Nicola

Max and Nicola

Balcombe - Haywards Heath _ United Kingdom

Having used this site fairly frequently you get used to the a certain level of service.

Most sitters are good, a few a little less desirable, and then someone like Anthony comes along that you wish you could book every time.

PROFESSIONAL is the word that comes to mind.

From his application, to profile, to most importantly the level of care given to our pets and home. Anthony is highly experienced and highly rated for a reason. He tailors the sit to exactly what you want/need it to be with just the right amount of communication and little perks when you arrive home.

He's also generally just a bright and great guy to meet.

We hope to have him visit again. Thank you Anthony!

Michael and Helene

Michael and Helene

Heidelberg - Germany

Well what can we say - Anthony was everything and more you could wish for in a pet and house sitter!

He immediately put us at ease and quickly made friends with Cocobean.

His daily photos and Instagram posts were wonderful and we could see from the photos that Cocobean was happy and well looked after. <br.
Anthony explored the area and took Cocobean to lots of new destinations (and various coffee and lunch stops!) He was extremely considerate and on the day we returned, we found he had washed all the linen and a great fruit bowl, flowers and chocolates greeted us.

The house was immaculate and Cocobean was obviously very fond of him.

Anthony himself is a very interesting person and we hope to see him again, either as our pet sitter or as a friend when he is next close by.

Its a shame the rating only goes up to 5 stars!

Steve and Michele

Steve and Michele

Carnforth - UK

We could not have hoped for a better house sitter than Anthony.
We were away for 6 weeks and knew that our home and precious dog, Taj, were in trusted hands, therefore making our holiday trouble free.

Anthony was everything you need in a sitter...contacting us very regularly with updates and sending fabulous pics often.

We arrived home to a very clean house and found flowers, fruit, chocolates, Easter buns, bread, milk and a 'welcome home' sign 🙂

I'm sure we have made a lifelong friend in Anthony and look forward to seeing him again.

We would totally recommend Anthony as the perfect house sitter. He left our dog, house and car in perfect condition./b>

Di and Beaz

Di and Beaz

Ormeau - Gold Coast - Queensland - Australia

This was the very first time we entrusted our house and two kitties to a complete stranger and it was wonderful.
Anthony is extremely worthy of his 5 star rating.
He sent us daily updates with great photos of our two cats, he kept the house tidier than we do and he is a really lovely person.
Thank you so much Anthony and we hope you will come back.

Heide and Allan

Heide and Allan

Hereford, United Kingdom

Anthony is a charming, thoughtful man who looked after our house and dogs for over three weeks.
The dogs obviously loved his company and we were very comfortable leaving them with him despite only meeting the evening before.
He kept us up to date throughout our holiday with incredible photos and even videos of their exploits - which as one is a rather over exuberant Cockapoo pup and the other a rather curmudgeonly elderly patterdale were interesting to say the least.
We felt quite sorry for Anthony at times!
We returned home to lovely flowers and fruit - testament to his thoughtfulness and to two happy and healthy dogs.

Wroxeter - United Kingdom

Wroxeter - United Kingdom

Mark and Mandy

Talk about setting the bar! From excellent communication before the stay, to warm and cheerful demeanour and competent, relaxed attitude to the large property and the two little dogs,
I could not have asked for better. We had fun walking the dogs together before I left and he kept me posted throughout.
I'd have him visit again any time.
Thank you for everything Anthony!! Just wow!

Mougins France

Mougins France

Barbara K

Wow!! Anthony truly is a 5 STAR sitter!

We were lucky enough to have Anthony sit our house and fur babies - Max and Buddy - and he made sure we all had a wonderful time!
Anthony is a great warm hearted guy who is a professional through and through.
He has a lovely caring and calm way about him a this showed with his clear communication through every step of the pre, during and post sit.
We are relatively new to having pet/housesitters and Anthony helped to make the experience comfortable, simple and easy.
Anthony thoughtfully keep in touch with us with regular messages and photos (the best that have ever been taken of our little guys!) and we returned home to an immaculate house and very happy pups.
Anthony is a house/pet sitting Angel and would love to welcome him back anytime!

We also hope you are lucky enough to have Anthony sit for you too!<br.
Best Wishes!
Chelsea and James

Bassendean, Perth, Western Australia

Bassendean, Perth, Western Australia

Chelsea and James

Anthony came to our house in Sydney, Australia, for 3 weeks in October 2019.
This was our first experience of using someone unknown to us, which was daunting.
From the first contact, we realised that his clear and articulate communication was already allaying our concerns. We were lucky to have a few days with Anthony ahead of leaving, which gave us time to see that both home and dog, Ellie, would be in great hands. He is a perfect, conscientious and thoughtful house guest. With a busy family of 4, he fitted in seamlessly and felt like part of the family immediately.
We got regular updates during our time away, with some great pics of Ellie showing the fun she was having. It made such a difference to our holiday knowing that the house and Ellie were well cared for.
We returned to find a very happy dog and some fridge essentials and treats awaiting us. He didn’t even mind us dragging him to the airport for a very antisocial pick up time!
We managed to squeeze in another couple of days with Anthony before he headed to his next assignment. This time just reinforced my belief that he is a very kind, thoughtfully and caring person, with a great sense of humour, who we hope will keep in touch. Definitely 10/10.
Best skills:Pets well cared for, Followed instructions, Home neat and clean, Maintained garden, Punctual, Resourceful

Middle Harbour - Sydney - Australia

Middle Harbour - Sydney - Australia

Steph and Steve

We feel so lucky to have met such a positive, caring, consistent and energetic force that is Anthony!

What a joy to meet him and feel instantly relaxed about sharing our home and our pets.
A truly thoughtful person, Anthony communicates superbly and reassuringly.
His cheerfulness and relaxedness rubbed off on the pets and returning home was like returning to a friend..we shared a cup of tea before Anthony travelled to his next homesitting.
With such incredible life experience, Anthony is truly a fresh of breath air.
Thank you Anthony for being so wonderful to us and our pets.
It was such a privilege to meet you, and I hope next we go away that you will be free to come back if you choose.
We all will miss you and you deserve nothing but the best life offers.
Warm regards,
Jenny , Steve, Sam and India

Sanctuary Cove - Gold Coast - Australia

Sanctuary Cove - Gold Coast - Australia

Jenny, Steve, Sam and India