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So, you love your pets...
and also love to travel?

But, how do you ensure your home is secure and your pets are happy and safe whilst you are away?


  • It can be very worrying when deciding what the best option is.
  • You know you want the best for your pets and to ensure they’ll be happy and safe.
  • You also understand that expensive boarding kennels and catteries are not ideal!


Delighted owners at the conclusion of a recent housesitting assignment with Experienced Pet Sitter, Anthony Cottrell and two very happy, healthy puppies.

So, as you are no doubt aware, leaving your beloved pets in a strange environment with other animals at a boarding kennel or cattery is not only expensive but fraught with many real concerns and potential risks.

A kennel environment may lead to a change in your pet’s feeding and toileting routines.  Plus, you certainly don’t wish for your pets to be subjected to the many health risks that exist as a result of mixing with unfamiliar animals that have unknown medical and vaccination histories.

Is getting a House-Sitter a good option?

Many pet lovers today have discovered the benefits of enlisting the help of an experienced, trained and  trusted house sitter as the perfect solution.

Yes, this very popular option will ensure you’ll find your pets happy and healthy when you return home. Enlisting the services of a qualified house-sitter will also take the stress away and provide you with total peace of mind that your home remains under professional supervision so you can relax in the knowledge that everything is safe and secure so you can truly enjoy your time away.


Enjoy the benefits of an experienced pet sitter.

Your pets get to enjoy their normal exercise routine whilst you’re away

  • Pets are happier and experience less stress at home.
  • Diet and exercise routines are uninterrupted.
  • Travel trauma for both owner and pet is eliminated.
  • Pet’s exposure to illness is minimized.
  • Untrained or unwilling friends/family/neighbours need not be called.
  • In-home professional pet care provides added peace of mind.


It is not surprising that house sitting is booming world-wide, and has become the number one most sought after solution. The biggest attraction is that house-sitting provides mutual benefits for pet owners, pet sitters and, importantly,  the pets.

Happy Pet Owners returning home to happy, healthy pets

A fully experienced house-sitter is by far the most cost effective solution to pet care.

How do you find
the "perfect" house sitter for your needs?

In selecting the “perfect” house and pet sitter for your requirements there are a number of options and popular websites that you can visit for some great information.  However, here are a few helpful tips that you should consider:

Anthony Cottrell – Experienced Dog Carer and International House Sitter

Importantly, you should always be sure to check any prospective sitter’s experience.  How long have they been house sitting for? Do they possess expertise in pet and animal care? Is their priority to care for your pets or simply is their goal to take an inexpensive holiday?

Secondly, you should definitely seek reviews from other pet owners from the sitter’s recent assignments. Be sure to thoroughly read what other pet owners have said about their experience with that sitter.  

Doing your homework will provide you with great feedback and peace of mind. By taking these steps, you will be able to make an informed decision and know if have found a genuine and dedicated professional and a caring person in whom you can confidently trust to look after your home and pets.  

One thing for sure is, when you’ve found the perfect sitter, your pets will love their company and much prefer staying in the comfort and familiar surroundings and smells of their very own home.


Featured House and Pet Sitter

Meet Anthony Cottrell


Anthony Cottrell has a passion for photography and pets.

He is Internationally recognised as a highly sought after “5 STAR” rated House and Pet Sitter and has been awarded a “LIFETIME MEMBER STATUS” of Trusted House Sitters.

It’s vast experience, love of animals and utmost professionalism in his dedication to the welfare of pets and optimum care and respect for people’s homes that has lead Anthony Cottrell to be known as one of the very best.

Watch the video


You are most likely on this site to find the perfect house and pet sitter.

Whether you are a lover of dogs, cats, horses, chickens, geese or all of the above….

No matter where you are in the World… France, United Kingdom, Austria, Italy, Spain, Australia, Canada or United States…

Regardless if you have a small country cottage, a luxury apartment or are looking for an experienced care-taker for a multi-million dollar estate … you would certainly not be disappointed if you were fortunate enough to secure his services.

It’s all about peace of mind and the best possible time away when you know that your pets and home is in the care of Anthony’s expert attention. You only have to read through his ever growing list of glowing testimonials and reviews from pet owners all over the globe to understand why Anthony is one of the most highly regarded and totally reliable, 5 Star House and Pet Sitters.


Anthony is not a 5 star house sitter .. he is a 10 star house sitter.

Anthony is incredibly kind and thoughtful and it became instantly clear that his number one priority and commitment was to make sure that my dog Flash was happy, comfortable, entertained, exercised, relaxed and settled.

CarolineBruton UK

Anthony's reviews were great,

so my expectations were high when he came to take care of Leo and my home.

He delivered beyond what I could have hoped!

AmyAbrantes, Portugal

Anthony looked after our dog (princess Kuri) and the house for a week and all I can say is that we wish he could have stayed longer!

He took care of Kuri with huge love which we instantly identified in Kuri's pictures he sent us everyday, along with messages updating how she's doing.

The house was in an immaculate condition, fridge was refilled (which was totally unnecessary), plus we were even surprised by flowers and basket of fruits upon return

YukaHampstead Heath UK

Anthony's reviews were great, so my expectations were high when he came to take care of Leo and my home.

He delivered beyond what I could have hoped!

AngeeEriceira, Portugal

Anthony is "one out of the box"

From our initial request for a house and pet sitter, to the conclusion of the engagement, Anthony has conducted himself with the utmost professionalism and consideration.

His ability to instantly put us at ease in entrusting him with our home , our belongings and our pets enabled my wife and I to enjoy a month overseas without concerns about what was happening at home.

Neil and DesireeHunter Valley, Australia

What can we say, what a fantastic house sitter.

The dogs Oscar & Billy took to him straight away and didn't look back when we walked away to go on our holidays.

The house was immaculate when we got back home, with Anthony leaving us beautiful flowers and chocolates to welcome us back home.

Anthony was a very warm and honest person who you took to straight away.

Graham and DeniseRawtenstall UK

When I was looking for a house sitter I read one of Anthony's reviews and it said that if you had an opportunity to have Anthony house sit for you - do not hesitate!

I cannot reiterate that more strongly - he was fantastic!

Harry and SuzanneShropshire UK

Anthony looked after our home and three dogs and cat for two weeks this July and we could not have asked for a better experience.

He is a caring, generous and immaculately tidy person who brought an enormous amount of knowledge, expertise and experience to share with us, our home and our pets.

DiannePoullouen - France

We were so lucky to have Anthony look after our fur baby.

He left the flat cleaner than we left it, washed all his bedding and towels and even left us welcome home flowers and gift!

So thoughtful.

Chanelle and DanSingapore

Anthony is quite simply the best pet sitter you could ever have.

He is devoted to making sure every pet he watches is happy, well-cared for, and entertained, and he kept in regular communication

AnnaObidos - Portugal

From luxury mansions to beach cottages, discover why so many pet lovers trust the security of their homes and welfare of their beloved pets to the experience of Anthony Cottrell

Bertie enjoying his own familiar garden whilst his human parents are overseas.
One Happy Dog!

Regular walks and loads of company whilst my owner is away..

Added home security… another benefit of enlisting a professional house sitter.

Anthony’s Recent Assignments

see a timeline and photos of recent house sits, the pets and the locations

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Teddy is a mostly inside dog who likes to sleep on the bed during the day under the fan. But,…
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Tinkerbell, Ragdoll, who is very affectionate, and loves company lives in a luxurious two storey home in Sorrento, Bundall overlooking…
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East Grinstead – United Kingdom

Dunga, a Rohodesian Ridgeback who loves company! He is of a gentle and sensitive nature, friendly with other animals, people…
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Bicuda Cascais Portugal

Max is a very happy and sociable dog. He is usually up at 7am wanting to go out into the…
EUROPEPortugalRecent Assignments
October 4, 2022


Angee moved to Portugal from the U.S. to realise her decades-long dream of living here. She owns her own business…

More pet owners are discovering the services of professional house and pet sitters and taking advantage of the many benefits that in-home experienced pet care provides.


House Sitting On Location with Anthony

View clips of Anthony’s recent House Sitting Assignments

Executive House and Pet Sitting – South of France 6:28

Mougins in the foothills close to Monaco and Nice

Premium House Sitting with Anthony Cottrell 8:45

Shropshire United Kingdom

Escape to the Country – Norwich UK 3:55


The Benefits of a Trusted House Sitter – Mallnitz- Austria 6:28

This is a story of a pet owner at the commencement of a holiday to celebrate her Birthday.
It was a privilege to be a part of this story as a special gift is unwrapped….

Hunter Valley Wine Region – Australia 4:52

Meet Badger and another wonderful House Sitting Experience 

Cat Sitting  – Edinburgh, Scotland  5:15