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Meet Chloe…
A most loving 8 year old Labradoodle.



Chloe’ is the most loving, easy to care for dog and like all of her breed just thrives on love and attention.

Chloe’s beautiful home is situated in a lovely new Perth estate on the very doorway to the picturesque Swan Valley in Western Australia. With more than 40 wineries Swan Valley is Western Australia‚Äôs oldest wine region and is situated just 25 minute drive from Perth’s city centre and 10 minutes from Perth’s domestic airport.

My wonderfully generous and very house proud hosts, Jane and Darryl have provided the utmost hospitality and welcomed me into their home to care for Chloe whilst they take a relaxing two week adventure with their new caravan. 

With spectacular parks, gardens and lakes literally across the road,  it’s made for a delightful house sit experience and a perfect location to enjoy Chloe’s company on some very nice walks.  



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