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Mac and Lobo are two very cute dogs to care for during my visit to this beautiful part of Southern Spain – Manilva on the Costa del Sol.

Mac is a 12 year old Border Terrier whilst Lobo is a very mischievous Yorkshire Terrier of not quite 12 months.

My wonderful hosts are Ron and Mel who have gone out of their way to make m e feel right at home and have introduced me to the wonderful Spanish lifestyle they enjoy in Manilva.

Manilva is located at the southernwestern edge of the province of Malaga, on the border with Cadiz. The town is split into two parts, the seaside resort and the charming white-washed, sleepy village, located just 3 kilometres up a hill from the coast.

I am staying on the coastal resort, which has managed to retain its small village mentality, opting out of excessive development.

The urbanisations of Puerto Duquesa is on my doorstep whilst Sabanillas and Estepona, two beautifully vibrant villages offering the immense charm of traditional Spanish life are all located within a few minutes drive.

Malaga is 97 kilometres away, with Gibraltar only a 45 minute drive away.

Ron and Mel – Delighted to return home to a happy Mac and Lobo after their trip to Netherlands


What the owners have said….

Anthony came to the south of Spain to look after our two dogs and apartment for four whole weeks.

He did a great job, the dogs were very happy to go to the beach early every morning for a good walk and swim, not with me but with Anthony,

He kept the same routine, which is really good for the dogs.

We met Anthony a few days before we left and had a very nice time with him.

He is the perfect housesitter, very sociable, fun to be with and knows what the dogs need and like.

I can highly recommend Anthony! Hope to see him next year again.

Melanie and Ron

Melanie and Ron

Manilva - Costa del Sol - SPAIN

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