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Dubai is the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the southeast coast of the Persian gulf.


My assignment is in a lovely spacious light filled apartment overlooking Emirates Golf Club and is also home to two very loving rescue kitties, Jasper and Bella. 



Both Jasper and Bella are rescue cats from the region and have been living as “indoor” cats with their owners for 8 years.

These beautiful cats are full of character and personality with Jasper pretending that he rules the house whilst Bella simply lets Jasper think that’s the case.

Their owners are away for few a weeks, and, of course, I am here to ensure that these playful felines have great company and, of course, enjoy the comforts of familiar surroundings, usual food routine and their expected share of kitty treats.

Jasper and Bella are sociable creatures and are obviously much happier when there is someone at home to keep them company. They are fed twice a day but need a little bit of monitoring to make sure that Bella doesn’t rush her food as she can have a delicate digestive system and also to ensure Mr “Bossy Boots” Jasper doesn’t eat more than his fair share!

They are very happy when the patio door is open (with the fly screen pulled across to prevent escape) as they can enjoy fresh air and enjoy chatting with the birds that frequent the balcony.


Bella can be a little highly strung and anxious but it didn’t take her long to get used to me. Jasper is a gentle giant who can tell the time with his stomach and will wake you with rather loud and melodic “meows” telling you its breakfast time.


Here's what the owners had to say:



listen to the owner’s voice message and feedback

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Pet Owners Message







From first contact, Anthony was the ultimate House sitting professional.

He allayed any concerns I had about using a house sitter (this was my first time using Trusted House Sitters) straightaway with his friendly, open and easy going manner and we had several emails and conversation in the lead up to the sit.

During the 2 week sit, we were delighted to receive regular updates, photos and messages of our two cats and what they were up to.

I could tell by the photos that they were very happy to have such great company whilst we were travelling and Anthony quickly and sensitively worked out their personalities to a tee. <br.
Was even relieved that Anthony tolerated Jasper's early morning wake up calls for breakfast!! I felt so relaxed during our trip, uber confident that our home and our much loved fur-babies were being wonderfully cared for.

On our return, well - wow!

The flat was absolutely spotless and we were greeted by two very chilled out pussy cats.

What's more, a thoughtful gift of flowers, fruit and delicious chocolates along with a little note had been left to welcome us home. Really touched by the thoughtfulness.

Thank you for everything Anthony. Please do come back and sit for us again.

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Jo and James



Favourite Photos:

Dubai is home to some magical experiences.

One such visual experience is the amazing Fountain, Light and fire shoe at Festival City Mall 

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